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The SF Mission District contains everybody's favorite form of diversity: a wide variety of cuisines for reasonable prices, in fact no Bay Area City or SF  neighborhood has more Zagat rated eateries (58). We are also well appreciated for our theatres and nightspots. This is also a foodie zone with some of the best dining experiences in one of the greatest restaurant Cities the world has ever produced.  A subject viewed with much anticipation as the first ever Michelin restaurant guide is prepared for 2007 publication. We gave up trying to pare this list to 100, it tops 130 with another 10+ listed for historic reasons or singular reviews. 

Hipsters Seize the Day" The rise of the, a well funded San Francisco based start up with a better model for user generated content, has much to say about Mission eateries.  We wish them much success in taking on behemoth citysearch as they ramp up from their impressive beginnings hereabouts. We liked how they chose to be photographed on 16th St just a few steps from the birthplace of the bay area in their sfgate feature [19JUN2006]
Bay Guardian dot.gone Meanwhile in May of 2006  all the Bay Guardians links, some dating to 1997 went dot.gone (aka 404) so we've gotten busy on the always long overdue makeover.
The Mission's Ruling Restaurant Zone been cool so long now it is no longer wise to discover it but do note that only Berkeley challenges it as a foodie zone with the full range of cuisines, prices and atmospheres. Together with it's adjacent neighborhoods, SOMA, Potrero Hill, Bernal Heights, Noe Valley, Castro, Upper Market & Lower Haight can compete with any City or similar sized area in the world for the crown of world's greatest dining. This is increasingly being discovered by savvy visitors while the ethnic grit keeps the mainstream tourists of Chinatown, Northbeach and the F-wharf at bay. Yet as the Bay Bridge becomes more congested by the month, there's greater likelihood of the feared uncool influence of the bridge and tunnel crowd will add tube to their moniker and increase considerably their use of the incredibly convenient 16th and 24th Street BART stations.  

Criteria Selection
1) A Zagut 2006 review
or listing on the Mission Merchants web site are automatic. After that a positive review needs to catch our attention. Once you've made the list you stay although you might get moved to the noteworthy section if your fading.
2) a location between Dolores & Potrero and Market & Cortland (all 94110 & southern part of 94103 zip codes)
3) dinner hours


Valencia & 16th St || ||PARKING(within 2 blocks)

Alhamra Indian/Pakistanis  3083 16th Street (at Valencia) (415) 621-3935 delivery Unassuming but good Pakistanis cuisine. Try the pakora (vegetable fritters). and fresh naan bread stuffed with onion and  potato Try the Chicken Boti Tikka it's great.  There is a really neat mural on the wall that has about a million stories to make up.  An important note: you can bring your own beverage

Panchita's #2 Salvadorean/Mexican 3091 16th St (at Valencia), (415) 431-4232 Salvadorean means papusas are on the menu W "un-scene" refuge from Valencia's freak show finds Latino families (and a handful of gringos) enjoying El Salvador's savory, straightforward fare, along with standard Mexican menu items food is inexpensive, the portions large, and the employees nice & friendly.

Truly Mediterranean Middle Eastern Fast Food 3109 16th St. (near Valencia St.); (415) 252-7482 star   best chicken shwarma ever to be found ...falafel, schwarma and dolmas are great...the falafel steals the show 

Ti Couz Creperie, Bistro, Breton-French 3108 16th St. (near Valencia St.); (415) 252-7373 G!!WNS reviews at ||If you can’t get a table, sit at the counter, drink a bowl of cider, and watch the chefs flip and fold a wondrous variety of sweet and savory buckwheat crepes STi Couz(L.J.)
the salade de maree and it's so damn good

Pork Store Caf American 3122 16th St.(bet. Guerrero & Valencia Sts.) 415-626-5523 hearty diner food for a reasonable weekend breakfast in town 

Picaro Cafe (Spanish) 3120 16th (btwn Valencia & Guerrero) 415-431-4089 rarely will there be a wait if your trying to catch a show nearby Sangria, Tortilla De Patata and Patatas bravas and Grilled Calamari they just go in perfect harmony with the cool settings of Picaro in the Middle of Mission.

Indian 3180 16th St. (near Guerrero) (415) 255-2440 No credit where one can eat a ton of "amazingly tasty Pakistani and Indian food" "and spend hardly a thing" $
ZG!! B 2006 Award for Cheap Eats cheap, tasty, good food...its *dirt* cheap (pun intended) 

Tokyo Go Go Japanese Asian 3174 16th St. [btwn Guerrero & Valencia since 1988] (415) 864-2288G !!S B
star The Kobe beef sashimi here is to die for.  The salmon tuna tartare appetizer is also a feast of orgasmica in your mouth.  The drinks at the bar are stiff like I like em and the food is impeccable.  By far my favorite sushi in the City. Claire C.

DownloadAndalu 3198 16th St (@Guerrero) (415 621-2211 Eclectic Latino and Asian combinations. Tapas Z $$ ...CitySearch multiple winner ..."after eating at Andalu I feel like celebrating." -- Michael Bauer [top 100 sfgate]  Valet Parking

Elephant Bleu Vietnamese 3232 16th St. (at Guerrero), S.F. (415) 553-6062. Takeout available. Tues.-Fri., 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 11 a.m.-midnight. No Credit or Reservations Elephant Bleu is a star among the other Asian offerings in the Vietnamese food in the city for sure...Thuy is always quick with the tea and appetizers. It's like having my own Vietnamese mom  

Il Cantuccio($) 3228 16th Street San Francisco,CA94103  (415) 861-3899 all about fresh pasta. Three kinds of remarkable housemade ravioli are offered: spinach, pumpkin, and crab--all are delicious CitySearch 2003 Audience Winner   charming, intimate, has a wonderful menu, good wines...the homemade gnocci and ravioli are a must...  One of the nicest wait staff in the city as well!"

Window "southeast asia cuisine" 211 valenica street, [btwn Dubuce & 14th St] 415 626 7750 sfCityEats review Jan06 the new neighborhood gem.  before it was pretty routine chinese food, but now it's kind of pan-asian, offering spring rolls, pad thai,  and vietnamese crepes along with an updated chinese menu

Pauline’s Pizza Pie Italian 260 Valencia St. $$ (between 14th and Duboce) (415) 552-2050 No reservations, organic  [since 1985] Pizza doesn’t get any better than this... Pauline’s famous for her great organic salads and desserts, including homemade sorbets.!! Owner Sidney Weinstein's been pleasing the hard to please gourmet pizza people longer than anyone else in the Mission. G!! || Top 100 Restaurants 2006   Salads are fresh from their garden in Berkeley. Pizza is to die for

MI LINDO Yucatan 401 valencia street
, 415 861 4935 Famous for their turkey which is native to the Yucatan. Many well done regional specialties. In 2006 expanded to Noe Valley at 4042 24th St., SF (415) 826-3942 Review by sfcityeats

Ramblas Tapas Bar Spanish Tapas 557 Valencia St.  (bet. 16th & 17th Sts.) 415-565-0207 Sister restaurant of the Thirsty Beer micro-brewery in SOMA  ramblas-happy-hour by sweet-as-candy sangria (sooo tasty, with lots of good fruits in it! melon and pineapple, in addition to the usual sour apples and oranges...a fun place to gather and celebrate...Perfect if you want to feel hip and classy  

Sunflower. Vietnamese 506 Valencia (at 16th St.), S.F. (415) 626-5023. Daily, 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. two different locations on the same block with same kitchen B an appeal all its own, a comfortable blend of tropical authenticity and California modishness, along with a solid, reasonably priced menu of dishes (P.R. Nov.'98) a whole variety of sauces to dip your things into...enjoy the spring rolls,  you will love the Viet crepe, and the lemon grass tofu is amazing...service I receive here is always fabulous...reasonable  

Limon (Peruvian) 524 Valencia St. (near 16th Street) 415-252-0918 Excellent seviche and other seafood dishes. Martin Castillo moved to this much larger location in 2005 and continues to pack the place with pleased patrons.  Top 100 Restaurants 2006 $$$ enjoyed the ceviche, papas a la huancaina, tartara de atun, lomo saltado and lucuma ice cream.

We Be Sushi Japanese 538 Valencia Street (415) 565-0749 Good selection of vegetarian sushi options and appetizers. Better ambience than you'd expect for such reasonable prices

DownloadPuerto Alegre Mexican 546 Valencia (at 16th St), (415)626-2922 W "Cheap, Strong, Kickin' Margaritas + Shrimp and Avocado Quesadilla = Perfect ...the food was massive, cheap and delicious is turning so f**king hipster I can't even tell you

Bar Tartine Californian, Mediterranean 561 Valencia St. (17th St.) 415-487-1600   fans of Tartine Bakery also have this cousin as of Nov05. See how the food's progressing since its rocky start at

yum yum house  581 Valencia street [nr 17th St.] 415 861 8698 sf cityEats review Aug05 lunch specials are quite the deal (about 5-6$)...relieved to discover a Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood that didn't also serve hamburgers and/or doughnuts ...A very excellent little Chinese place in the mission  

Luna Park (American) 694 Valencia St [nr 18th St] (415) 553-8584 Now with a location in L.A. Surprisingly good bar scene. "comfort food", great burgers and fries. "soul-satisfying Z $$ Citysearch 2003 Audience Winner Highlights on the menu include the moules frites, tuna poke, the pork cutlet and the sea bass... mushroom truffle oil ravioli, macaroni and cheese, and the home made smores dessert. Dieters beware!

Maverick American (Regional)  3316 17th Street (btwn Hoff & Mission)  

near Duboce

Walzwerk German 381 South Van Ness (at 15th St), 551-7181 BG!!W evoke East Germany at this friendly, cozy, minimalist spot. The main courses are cozy and filling. Marinated beef ($14.50) has that lovely rich mix of sweet, sour and savory that makes Eastern European food so distinctive. Amanda Berne for sfgate April-2005

Woodward's Garden (new American) 1700 Mission St (at Duboce) 415-621-7122 "wonderful for a romantic meal" presided over by dutiful service"Z $$$ menu is simple but inventive, and the staff knows how to recommend a wine to match with your meal.

Levende Lounge/Restaurant/Bar Eclectic / Int'l, Specialties: Small Plates 1710 Mission St.
(Duboce Ave.) 415-864-5585 
 Famous Sunday Brunch it's for the great music, the fantastic people that work there and the even more fantastic people that hang out there.


Muni lines: 22 Fillmore (16th & Valencia), 26 Valencia (Valencia & 16th) and 14 Mission, 14L Mission, 49 Van Ness-Mission, 33 Stanyan & 53 Southern Heights (16th & Mission stops  

Los Coyotes Taqueria 3036 16th Street website (415) 861-3708 "This buritto might be the most underrated in the city. The meat is juicy and flavorful, the salsa and beans are fresh and the tortilla is soft and warm. Also, the fact that it was super clean was a definite bonus"
Pancho Villa Taqueria Mexican 3071 16th St.(between Valencia and Mission) (415) 864-8840 B
Top 5 by citysearch
Their ingredients are always fresh.  And they're cool. ...The salsa bar is great ...don't go there if you are feeling indecisive.  It could take hours....The pollo asado (grilled chicken) and the carnitas are the meat highlights, while the Prawn Cocktail and the Grilled Vegetable Burrito hit the spot for the less carnivorous. 
La Cumbre Taqueria 515 Valencia, (near 16th St) 863-8205
WZ the birthplace (circa 1969) of the best carne asada burrito on the planet historic burrito palace and classic T-shirt
Mariachi's Taqueria508 Valencia Street (415) 621-4358 So, not to get all zagat-ey, but they think the anglosized combinations here are sacrilege. I think they're original and wonderful. Screw tradition- bring on the pesto pollo!" nisi b.

El Toro Taqueria 598 Valencia, at 17th (415) 431-3351 Operated by the Pancho Villa folks in similar style but smaller & faster   B Trust us. Order a super-chicken taco with black beans, hot salsa, extra lime, and cilantro garnish What stands out about El Toro is the tacos.
El Castillito (17th and Mission) A very underrated taqueria. Not as gringo friendly as some for SF Taquerias
El Tepa Taqueria
2198 Folsom St. (@ 18th) 255-8372
reviewed by

Taqueria el Buen Sabor
(18th and Valencia) Outstanding, friendly service, combined with some of the best red and green salsa Burritos are really cheap and huge. the horchata and chips & salsa are top notch... A rather unkown gem
Top rated at for SF Taquerias
Taqueria CancunTaqueria 2288 Mission St (nr 19th St) (415) 252-9560 the busiest of the 3 on Mission makes its steam stable the freshest
Top 10 Taqueria in Bay Area by Citysearchaudience 2003  It's the tortilla I think. Instead of being excessively doughy, it's crispy and flaky and buttery-tasting ....favorite vegetarian burrito in the Mission, not just because the avocado and sour cream are included in the basic cheap version. Staff is the fastest,

Rica's Pupusas. (Salvadorean) 3481 18th St. (at Lexington), S.F. (415) 863-0773. Takeout available. Daily, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. No Credit or Reservations

SF Mission at amazon
  2006 Past Top 100s: 2005 | 2004 | 2003  
2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998

Congratulations to
La Taqueria  the only Mission retauant to appear on all the lists since 1998. Compiled by Michael Bauer, the Bay Area's most influential food critic who can often be found in the Mission and was an early champion of its dining establishments. He continues in 2006 bringing light to 2 new hot spots:
Range where 
Chef Phil West and his wife, Cameron, "have created one of the most exciting moderately priced restaurants to open in some time."
Dosa " in San Francisco's Mission District has done what no other San Francisco establishment has been able to do -- make Indian food trendy."

In fact he opens the review mentioning several perennials on his top 100 list:
"The Mission is known for many things, but for those of us who love eating out, it's the incubator for some of the best, most reasonably priced restaurants in the Bay Area. It's the home of such stellar options as Foreign Cinema, Limon, Delfina and Tartine. "
Join his Blog discussion on the better restaurants  here

Northwest Mission
17th to 19th & West of Mission to Dolores

18th & Guerrero
parking is tough on the block known as the "gourmet ghetto"

 Yamo Thai Kitchen Burmese 3406 18th St.(between Mission and Valencia) (415) 553-8911 3rd & latest incarnation of Yamo is *not* a Thai restaurant at all, it's Burmese Prices are low ($5.25), which is appropriate for a tiny hole in the wall like this, but still appreciated.  The new owners (Burmese ladies + daughter) are friendly and helpful,

Balompie Cafe Salvadoran 3349 18th Street (at So.Van Ness) Papusas are a stand-out here with a large variety of ingredients.  They make them to order and grill instead of fry them... Order a side of plantains and sour cream, and one of their delicious aguas frescas, sit back and watch the futbol game and loosen your belt

Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant 2154 Mission St (415) 864-1888 "Best sushi in the Mission.  The decor is pretty spartan, but the fish is excellent.  Very consistent in quality, a good place for experimenting with new flavors.  My only quibble is that the rolls are a bit too big to comfortably eat in a single bite.

Palacio Latino. Guatemalan and Salvadoran 2240 Mission (at 18th St.), S.F. (415) 626-4879. to 8:30 p.m. Credit B sept-98 DL

Little Baobab 3388 19th Street [at Mission] (415) 643-3558  $ SW B Nicely presented smallish portions of real good food, friendly service, and excellent atmosphere... "you'll love their cheap, stiff drinks which are unlike any I've had elsewhere ...Fun restaurant and sometimes good food. I found the service to be so-so while the meat can be on the dry side. The appetizers were great and so was the seafood."

Dolores Park Cafe 501 Dolores St @ 18th (415) 621-2936
A clean, welcoming coffeehouse and lunch spot with big windows and outdoor dining area offering pretty views of Dolores Park and Mission High. Mural on the front dates from days when Debra Santana ran the place for many years

BiRite Market 3639 18th St. since 1940 its been run by Sam Mogannam's family. Large assortment of ready to eat foods expertly prepared. Take your delicacies to nearby Dolores Park

Delfina Italian, Mediterranean, 3621 18th St.(between Dolores and Guerrero) (415) 552-4055 Dinner nightly Reservations Recommended B W G!!! review S There’s no hiding behind garnishes and embellishments here; the food is thoughtful but simple (S.D.) !!! roar of happy diners builds
Valet Parking

Pizzeria Delfina 3611 18th St.(Guerrero St.) 415-437-6800

Platanos (Central and South American) 298 Guerrero (@18th St) Potpouri menu of dishes from throughout the Spanish-speaking Americas. Ceviche, chile relleno, and plantains to name a few. W $$ Valet Parking

Tartine Bakery (French Bakery/Cafe) 600 Guerrero (at 18th) 415-487-2600 sweet and savory baked good" "done to perfection" "not enough seats and "slow moving line" Z ... "the best bakery-cafe in the Bay Area. Since they opened it in June 2002, husband-and-wife team Chad Roberson and Elisabeth Prueitt have set new standards ---Top 100 Restaurants 2006

Mission - NorthEast Reviewers || ||
Nihon Whisky Lounge Izakaya 1779 Folsom St. (14th St.) 415-552-4400
"I felt like I walked onto one of the sets of Charlie's Angels (Diaz / Liu / Barrymore generation), but in a very intimate, highly stylized, non-cheeseball sort of way....the rolls are artistically presented and bite size, requiring no heimlich maneuvers nor storing a la hamster cheeks. They're the perfect balance of crunch and gooey-ness. I don't presume to know the first thing about whiskey/whisky, but the lychee mermaid was delicious Irene S.

Double Play Restaurant (American) 2401 16th Street (at Bryant) across from Potrero Center) (415) 621-9859  Large dining rooms, cool bar with lots of regulars and their own parking lot.

Il Pirata (American)2007 16th Street [nr Potrero] (415) 626-2626  Great place for an event with 2 large patios the food here hit or miss, never too excited by it.... great dive with great food

Chez Spencer82 14th St Cross Street: Folsom Street
$$$ (415) 864-2191 2003 Editorial Winner top 5 Mission Citysearch starstarstarstarhalf-star a great place for a cozy, romantic dinner ...If you like French food, you are in for a treat.

Slow Club eclectic and tapas-heavy, 2501 Mariposa, (at Hampshire) (415) 241-9390 [since 1991] WSC   Top 100 Restaurants 2006 It would be easier to find this place if the reviewers would not call this location Potrero Hill or Soma.

Circolo Asian,Nuevo Latino  500 Florida St.(Mariposa St.)  415-553-8560 full bar, open late, catering, good for groups, private rooms. Excellent food in a dramatic space. Easy parking near Theatre Artaud  

Universal Cafe American 2814 19th St(between Bryant and Harrison) (415) 821-4608 SCW
hidden jewel. The brunch menu is absolutely creative and constantly changes weekly/biweekly... Trendy atmosphere, very attentive staff. And the head chef / owner demands that everything be perfect for her patrons.

The Atlas Cafe Cafe 3049 20th St. (at Alabama), 648-1047 W At the Atlas you'll find that mythical ideal of "community" in full San Francisco swing. It's also a fine place to pick up a casual lunch (the Cuban beef sandwich rules The magazine rack always has something of interest. And maybe someday Aubrey [with the fire red hair] will actually say "Hello!" to me. That would be a shocker."

Blowfish, Sushi to Die For Sushi 2170 Bryant (at 20th St), 285-3848
B W a twenty something crowd chowing down edible art produced by youthful journeyman sushi-chefs ORGASMIC SUSHI!  Try the Super Dynamite Roll...they will melt in your mouth...Blowfish earned it's hoopla for sure. It's just plain good....This place does details very well.

El Metate Mexican 2406 Bryant Street [at 22nd St] (415) 641-7209 starstarstarstarhalf-star  Simply the best Mexican food in the Mission, which by extension, could mean the whole damn country.  The veggie burritos have actual broccoli, carrots and zuchinni in them.  The quesadillas are excellent, with gooey cheese inside and oaxaca cheese on top.  Their guacamole and salsas are the best around. Ben V.

This 2005 startup is happening! has tapped into the pulse of the Mission. State of the art google map integration is awesome. They review everything too, including Dolores Park. With demise of all the links and the falling stature of Zagut they become the star of these pages. Look for their orange, click through using their stars or icons. We always have them open in their own window

  • Rick H.s' Meta Mission Makes the long ride enough to compile nearly 40 reviews from his 1000 or so
  • Esther K. Launched her reviewer career with 16 critiques on 1FEB06 almost all in 94110  Red's Luncheonette: "Inside is a little gem - the best damn pancakes in the city bar none, plus decent huevos rancheros, nopales omelettes, generous sandwiches and salads.
  • Laura b. Prolific, strongly opinionated and fun. Over 1/2 her 85+ reviews are in the Mish. "jasmine tea house has the absolute best fake chicken in all of san francisco."
Z the 2004-6 editions are quoted hereabouts in green.

Zagat San Francisco at amazon Users review Zagut: "For most neighborhoods, actually, it's only the high priced trendy places that are reviewed."..."if you want good surveys try other sources "
  Bars & Nightclubs|| Dining & Food often collaborates with the Mission Merchants and its member publications
Mission Merchants is a member of the SF Convention & visitors Bureau & participates in its Feb Crab Fest. We also promote May as our great world class festival month concluding with

B= SF Bay Guardian Restaurants that serve Cuban food mission+restaurants

In May of 2006, sfbg changed servers and all our 50+ links to reviews went bad. SFWeekly went through a similar experience in 2004. The Guardian employs some of the Bay Area's best known food critics like:

Free on-line reservation service

Vegan food critic with entree fotos and follow up reviews
Mission Restaurants reviewed by OpenList
Best Lists for Mission at Citysearch
Mission District Restaurant: 2003 Audience Winners
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CODES: =less than $7 per entre || $ =$7-$12 || $$ =$13-$20 || $$$ =more than $20

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Market St & 101 between Dolores & So. Van Ness

Sushi Zone Japanese 1815 Market Street (415) 621-1114  atmosphere is relaxed, and the room is ridiculously small...."I think I have to knock a star off all my other sushi reviews after eating at Sushi Zone...expect to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours  

Yum  Gourmet Grocery Store Italian 1750 Market Street (415) 626-9866 more like a gourmet food museum than a grocery store

Destino 1815 Market St. (415) 552-4451
a casual Latin Cafe introducing authentic cuisine at affordable prices.
Ornate golden mirrors surrounded by rich amber stained walls convey a comfortable colonial cafe setting

Zuni Cafe 1658 Market St (415) 552-2522 Fries, oysters, roast chicken and buzz--this Mediterranean hot spot still has it going onTop 100 Restaurants 2006  --  Highly Reccomended by Citysearch editorial

Canto do Brasil International 41 Franklin (at Oak), san 626-8727 Mission $$ W the most authentic kitchen. The video screens show G-rated Carnaval scenes, the sound system plays Brazilian pop, the service is caring.

  • Arinell Pizza 509 Valencia (at 16th Street), 255-1303
    Best New York-Style Pizza Slice  The Mission's oldest pizza by the slice venue at the nexus of 16th & Valencia
  • KFC-Taco Bell Fast Food 200 Duboce Avenue (415) 431-1613

  • Bruno's 2389 Mission St. (between 19th and 20th) San Francisco 94110 (415) 550-7455 G Closed in 2005 & opening soon in 2006
  • Chavita's Restaurant 3006 Mission St. (at 26th St.), S.F. (415) 285-6927. Takeout available. Daily, 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Credit cards not accepted. Wheelchair accessible. B the atmosphere at Chavita's is nitty-gritty bare-bones basics: tables, chairs, walls, jukebox, TV with Mexican soap operas, then baseball, and a sort of a shrine to Budweiser, the King of Beers. Aug-98 DH
  • New Central Restaurant Mexican 301 South Van Ness (at 14th St.),(415) 255-8247 Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 8 a.m.-4 p.m. No Credit Noisy near the jukebox. B Mar 2000 PR Hanging on for 20+ years in a very standard kinda way
  • Fina Estanpa Peruvian 2374 Mission Street, (Between 19th and 20th Streets) 415-824-4437 One of the better Peruvian restaurants I've been to in the USA. Ambiance and food were excellent....The homemade salsa is to die for. This original location is closed but the excellent food and atmosphere lives on at their 1100 Van Ness (at Geary)

  • Paisanos Cafe. 3017 Mission (at 26th St.), S.F. (415) 826-1865. G the doughnut and sandwich joint where I had a perfectly fine pork tamale ($1.50) and a lovely cake doughnut (55) for breakfast today. April-2000 DH
  • Whiz Burger Drive-In 700 South Van Ness, (at 18th) (415) 824-5888 W who doesn't need a quick jaunt out to a place where onion rings still count as a vegetable Appeared in George Lucas breakthrough film, American Graffiti parking lot

recently closed

One of the Mission's great bargain bites moved on in June 0f 2006 when Saigon Saigon at Valencia & 22nd shut down. Here's where we keep tabs on this



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